If you want to rent out a week from your points club or timeshare, we can help!
TradeUnipoint offers timeshare owners the opportunity to rent out their weeks, midweeks or weekends, so you as the owner can make an extra buck.
If you've got points about to expire, book a holiday with your club – even if you're not going to use the holiday!
Start by calling a consultant before booking a holiday with your club. We will be able to help you select a resort which is popular with our customers, as well as assist in setting a competitive rate to ensure your holiday gets the interest it deserves!
We will load the holiday on our website and make it available to the public to rent.
We only take a 20% commission fee, the rest goes into your pocket!
Once you have placed your week in our rental pool, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow up to ensure it is rented out. We can assist you in adjusting the rate if necessary.
If your holiday does not rent out, you are still welcome to occupy the unit yourself.
You cannot place your holiday up for rental with another rental company, as this might cause double bookings.
If you would like to inquire about putting your holiday interval up for rental, please call us on 0129965120 or send an email to
Terms and conditions pertaining to the Rental of your week through 
By placing ownership (accommodation Interval) on rental with TradeUnipoint, the owner agrees not to rent it out privately / sell the ownership (accommodation interval) without: Notifying TradeUnipoint accordingly at least 1 (one) full business day before concluding the private rental, provided the ownership is still available;Up until notification is received, TradeUnipoint will enjoy preference to rent out / sell the ownership (accommodation interval); It is the responsibility of the Owner to check the status of their ownership; In the instance where both parties (owner and TradeUnipoint) sold/rented the ownership in consequence of the owner's failure to notify TradeUnipoint of a private rental TradeUnipoint will have the option to a.) Demand cancellation of the private rental agreement, or b.) Demand a reasonable penalty of not more than 75% of the fee, which amount will be due on demand; The owner consents to the above and undertakes to pay any penalty as provided for in e.2 (as above) on demand, alternatively, that TradeUnipoint is entitled to unilaterally set-off the due amount of any money received on any transaction in the owner's name; When renting ownership (accommodation interval) on TradeUnipoint, TradeUnipoint will retain 20% (Excluding VAT) of the gross amount that the ownership was rented out for; TradeUnipoint does not guarantee that any ownership will be rented out; TradeUnipoint will pay the owner of the ownership their rental amount due during the Month End period after the occupation date of the ownership (accommodation interval), and not in the month that it was booked. No payments will be done prior to the set Month End dates; TradeUnipoint will only accept ownership (accommodation intervals/points) if all levies, management fees and/or annual fees are duly paid and in a current status; All ownership placed on rental with TradeUnipoint will be verified by TradeUnipoint with the Resort/Share block to ensure confirmation that all levies, management fees and or annual fees are paid to date and in a current status. This will result in all ownership being held back for initial period of 48 (forty-eight) hours from being placed on rental to ensure sufficient time for the verification process. Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), Public Holidays and Office Closures will not form a part of the 48 (forty-eight) hours; By placing ownership on rental the user agrees that TradeUnipoint can contact the resort/share block/points club on his / her behalf in order to verify the details of the ownership placed on rental as well as the status of the levy;Should your ownership (accommodation interval) be rented out, TradeUnipoint reserves the right to first check with your Timeshare Club / Resort that all levies on your portfolio are paid up to date and your account is in good standing; Should your account be in arrears, TradeUnipoint reserves the right to withhold the rental income until such time that your account is in good standing with your Timeshare Club / Resort.
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