NEW MOBILE SITE: Take the tour


We have worked hard to make it super easy for you to browse, view and book your ideal holiday straight from the comfort of your phone!
If you're having trouble navigating the new site, we have compiled a short guide to assist you.
1. If you are already registered, remember to enter your login details in order to make full use of our booking feature:
If you are not yet registered, you can do so online:
Once logged in, you can Search your holiday 2 ways:
2. Through the search fields if you have a specific date in mind, enter your dates and province:
3. A list of available resorts and their regions will appear. Click on the resort you are interested in:
4. A short description and the lowest available rate will appear. You can also view the number of units available. If you are interested, click the green View Units button:
If you don't have a specific date in mind and you just want to search all resorts by location:
1. Go to the bottom menu and click on Products:
2. If you search by Name, just enter the resort name you are looking for:
Or enter the Province or City or Town name closest to the resort. You'll see a list of available resorts in the area, click on the one you are interested in:
3. A Resort page will appear, from where you can view available dates:
4. On the date and unit size you are interested in, you can view further unit info by clicking on the 'i' icon. Click on the green Options button to view available intervals (Weekend, Midweek or Full Week) - select the interval you are interested in.
5. Once you're happy with the unit and date, proceed to make a booking. Ensure all details are correct and proceed to make a payment.
You will receive a confirmation email. Remember to print out your confirmation letter and ensure you have it with you upon arrival at the resort.
Happy bookings!
Mon 05 Jun 17